E36 sedan “Phase 2” with cut-outs



Material – Reinforced FRP, with an added layer of a multi-axial fiberglass cloth. This has improved structural rigidity of the fenders. Letting us make them very lightweight yet designed to withstand contacts with your rims edge, stones, blown tire etc.

+35mm front width per side
+52mm rear width  per side
Designed to work with OEM handle. Just take off your handle relocate it to the overfenders panel and secure it with OEM bolts. Install simple pull rod to connect with door lock lever.
Perfect fit to your 4 door E36. 
A rear arch line will be reformed and lifted by approximately 15mm so you’ll be able to properly level your E36. No more exposed rear axle and muffler.
*Professional Installation by a body shop is recommended. Modifications may be necessary to ensure proper fitment and may include cutting, trimming, filling, sanding, and customizing.
*Prior to painting it is suggested to pre-heat overfenders, contact us for more details
*For cars with M-moldings about 2mm sanding of rear door overfenders and front overfenders lower sides is necessary in order to fit “fat” moldings