E36 sunroof delete


BMW E36 coupe/sedan/ti/touring SUNROOF DELETE panel

Replaces heavyweight OEM steel sunroof. Completely eliminates the sunroof opening mechanism. Measured weight-saving 21kg off the roof.

Benefits: significant weight saving, shifts center of gravity to a lower point, and in theory compliments car balance and handling if properly set-up. Gives you another 5-7cm of headroom, which is very beneficial for tall drivers wearing a helmet (me being 193cm tall was struggling a lot before getting rid of sunroof mech).

MATERIAL – Reinforced FRP, with the added layer of multi-axial fiberglass cloth. This has improved the structural rigidity of the panel. Letting us make them lightweight but very rigid.

*Use of silicone or any other bonding/insulating material suggested around a perimeter of the panel to ensure no water leaks allowed into the interior.
*Professional Installation by a body shop is recommended. Modifications may be necessary to ensure proper fitment and may include cutting, trimming, filling, sanding, and customizing.
*Prior to painting it is suggested to pre-heat the panel in order to release trapped air under a gel coat.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 10 cm