E92 335i “Fitment Lab”

Hello and welcome!

The time has come to reveal a recent photo set of our E92 platform widebody kit. Some of us here at “FL” are driving E9X of every sort on a daily basis. M57, N52 and finally N54 are not strangers in our workshop. Since the day 1 when 335i coupe rolled into our garage, there was no doubt that this one gonna get widened. First of all cause non-M coupe just lacks the width in every corner compared to an M3. Secondly, cause it’s the only one of ours with a true potential to become a projectcar. 3-liter straight six with added two turbos have a great tuning potential and 400+hp are easily achievable with bolt-ons and a proper tune. So we started with a well known MHD tune and a typical maintenance like ignition coils, injectors, walnut blasting etc. Then we run into a trouble. Just not enough grip on a rear axle. I knew that this is just a beginning in terms of power mods so all the bits and bobs come together one evening. In order to fit 285+ sections we need at least 12J rim width or even wider. We took the demo wheel out of a shelf and ended up with some serious measurement +70mm per side in rear needed to fit those 8-inch barrels and 4.5-inch lips that we will use. Then all went smooth. Fronts measured at +50mm per side where 11j rim ET0-ish sits comfortably without any rubbing issues. Looking at the pictures some will say – “there is no fitment” and we can not more agree to that fact. It is static obviously. Lowered with a help of Driftworks HSD’s MonoPro’s with 14/20KG springs. But the story with this very first production let’s call it a “mule” kit is as follows. We did not know how to properly connect separate pieces: overfenders and bumper add-ons. First 8-piece kit we ever have made. We managed to make it happen just a night before “Raceism” show in Poland. Some steel L-shaped pieces of metal with bolts and nuts are taking a huge amount of space in this reformed arch lines. Producing some rubbing and therefore fitment issues. With our next build which is coming to an end already we have sorted it all out and now on fitment issues are left behind.

Let’s get back about how it went with a “bodybuilding”. Having all the measurements we went to our designer and put a task on a desk. We need a widebody that won’t make a car look like a racecar though being able to be one. We wanted to create a widebody that will be functional from any point of view but won’t look like it’s wearing baggy trousers. Rice is good but you have to have a choice. Whether you prefer to stick with a clean look or use any aero, diffusers and other hop-ups. Maybe getting older or just mature I don’t want kids on every corner pointing a finger at me. “English” is an appropriate name for the car considering the idea it carries. Stick to traditions. Make the old good ideas work nowadays. Fit them to new standards. We did not want to ruin what BMW designers did. We wanted just to add a bit of a flair to it. You know it is like you have the only one suite you rarely wear. A very good one. Kinda expensive and from a well-known designer. But last time you wore it… the only lord remembers when. You want to put it on and realize that it is just too tight. You could go and shop for a new fancy one. But you really like this one. Tailor gonna be a huge help in this case. He takes a measure and here you go. Additionally, he offers you a pair of new shoes to accomplish the look. You walk down the street. Not many turn their heads. Cause you are not flashy with all that possible extension and trending add-ons. You are classy. Only some look at you. And that’s the look worth a million.

The SUITE: “Fitment Lab” E92 widebody

SHOES: BBS RS714 18″ to 19″ converted. 11/12.5J.  Matte grey Powdercoated.  Center HEX, Radinox Lips polished and coated in transparent copper by @wheelpolishing_lv